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Can I sue a bank for harassment?

You can sue a bank for harassment!

If you’ve been the victim of bank harassment, you may be wondering if you have any recourse. The answer is yes – you can sue a bank for harassment. In this blog post, we will discuss what constitutes bank harassment, and how to go about filing a lawsuit. We will also provide tips on how […]

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Can debt collection agencies harass you in India?


This is a question that many people ask. The answer is: it depends on the debt collection agency and the laws of the country. In India, there are specific laws that protect consumers from being harassed by debt collectors. However, not all collection agencies obey these laws. If you are being harassed by a collection […]

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How to Stop Harassment from Loan Recovery Agents?

stop harassment

If you have ever taken out a loan, you know that there is always the possibility of debt collectors coming after you if you don’t pay them back. This can be a very stressful experience, and many people don’t know how to handle the harassment from loan recovery agents. In this blog post, we will […]

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How to Deal With The Loan Recovery ProcessĀ 

With about 21 million people losing their jobs due to the pandemic, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Banks and NBFCs have gone into a collection overdrive resulting in recovery agencies calling double the borrowers than pre-Covid-19. The recovery process usually involves negotiating certain conditions of the loan agreement to help the borrower […]

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Legal protection against harassment by recovery agent

Intimidation, harassment, and violence have no place in a democracy. No one has a right to harass anyone even when they owe them something. There are proper rules and procedures that are laid down by regulatory bodies like RBI that need to be followed by recovery agents. Recovery agencies are third-party agencies appointed by banks […]

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Helpful Tips When Facing A Recovery Agent

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, borrowers are experiencing more and more financial stress. This has led to a fear of an increase in Non-Performing Assets among lenders, resulting in a surge of recovery agents employing unruly and coercive tactics to recover funds from the borrowers. Sunil (name changed) is one such individual who took […]

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