Looking for a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Debt consolidation loans are a well-known option for consumers who struggle with debt. For those who qualify, debt consolidation loans can get you out of debt even faster than alternative options – saving you even more money in interest.

Under this type of plan, it’s even more critical that consumers stay up to date with payments. It’s also important to remember that loans do not make debt disappear, they simply move the debt to another institution. This solution is helpful if you have multiple debts at multiple sources and if the interest rates on those accounts are high.

A debt consolidation loan would pull all those multiple accounts into one with one easier to manage interest rate – making the process of paying that money back more manageable.

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Mulling Bankruptcy?

Declaring bankruptcy is advisable only as a last resort. While Chapter 13 bankruptcy can dramatically reduce your unsecured debt load, it can have plenty of undesirable consequences. Meanwhile, declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy may mean saying goodbye to most of the assets that you’ve accumulated over the course of your life.

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It’s important to remember, however, that bankruptcy is a very public matter. Once you begin the process, it’ll be a long time before you can hide the fact that it happened.

Declaring bankruptcy results in an immediate hit to your credit score. As you work through the process, you run the risk of losing important assets like your car, home, family heirlooms and more.

Over time, bankruptcy might come back to bite you in unexpected ways. If your employer requires you to carry a security clearance, there’s a chance that it could be rescinded. If you’re applying for a mortgage or rental property, your brush with insolvency could disqualify you from consideration.

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