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Ishrat Noor v ICICI Bank Ltd.

Facts of the case: The plaintiff was engaged in the business of printing and desired to purchase a commercial vehicle under hypothecation from the bank. Plaintiff had furnished relevant document in order to get a loan for the vehicle (Tavera) which was worth Rs.7,68,000/- The defendant asked the plaintiff for a payment of Rs.40,000/- which […]

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ICICI Bank v Shanti Devi Sharma & Ors.

Facts of the case: The respondent, Mrs. Shanti Devi Sharma, alleged that on 29.11.2005, two recovery agents (referred to as ‘goons’) forcibly entered her son’s bedroom and harassed him to pay the loans that were due on his vehicle (two-wheeler) and personal loan. She further stated that these ‘goons’ had repossessed the vehicle in the […]

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Case Analysis-Harinder Singh V IndusInd Bank Ltd. And Ors.  

Facts of the case: The petitioner, Harinder Singh borrowed a loan of Rs.19,17,997/- from IndusInd Bank (Respondent) to purchase  one Tip-Trailer from Ashok Leyland. The loan amount was to be repaid in 60 equal monthly installments (EMI’s) of Rs.45,700 each from June, 2016. The Bank had called for an arbitration proceeding in November, 2017. There […]

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Case study

A. BRIEF FACTS -Complainant took a loan of ₹3,00,000 in May/June 2006 -The loan was issued by Kotak Bank on 26.06.06 -Period of Loan- 30 months due to be paid by Dec 2008. -Mode of payment advanced cheques of ₹12,272. -Complainant decided to prepay whole amount in March 2007 and deposited ₹2,32,526 along with prepayment […]

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Case Study: B.V.S.P Choudary V. The Station House Officer Mahankali Police Station, Secunderabad & Ors.

CASE SUMMARY: In the above case Sri B.V.S.P Choudary who claimed to be the president of All India Credit Card Members Association, A.P. Unit, Hyderabad sent a telegram dated 16.3.2007 stating that Prof. C.L.N. Murthy who is a Scientist at IICT, Uppal Hyderabad was detained by the HDFC Bank recovery agents and the Police Station […]

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